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Way to go McDonald! We've raised enough to keep all of our current IAs - we did it! But next year's new Kindergarten classes means we still need to hire one new IA and intern to make sure there's enough support for all of our immersion classrooms. We can close that gap together - help raise the $400,000 needed to cover all eight IAs and four interns. It's not too late - please donate today. So far:

We've raised $363,351.00.


We're so close! Let's close the gap together - every amount counts - donate today!

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Immersion Support Fund Drive


Having language immersion at our neighborhood school is a world-class opportunity for our kids. But this program comes with a significant price tag to staff it properly: $1000 per child ($400,000 for the 2014-15 school year). 

To ensure our kids' success, we must make a financial investment in our school. Please give as generously as you can. You can make your donation here. Our fundraising deadline is March 1, 2014 to hire back our current IAs.

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Language Immersion at McDonald

Our language immersion model makes it possible for our kids to successfully learn math and science in a classroom where the teacher speaks only Spanish or Japanese.

An Immersion Assistant (IA) is an essential part of the model. He or she is a full-time presence in every immersion classroom, and a native speaker of Spanish or Japanese.

IAs not only reduce the student-teacher ratio, but by adding a second native speaker in the classroom, they make it possible for kids to hear and have conversations in the target language.

Immersion Assistants are integral to our kids’ success learning Math and Science in a foreign language.

We asked our teachers what they needed from us in order to help our kids succeed in math and science. Their answer was clear: we need to continue providing IAs for our classrooms.

"Having an IA is invaluable," says Spanish immersion teach Diana Einmo, who points out that the mean MAP score for math this Fall and Winter for all McDonald first graders as a group is at 95% as it compares to other first graders nationally.  (The first graders in the Seattle School District, by contrast, average less than 55%).  IAs provide the support to make such scores possible as well as learn the immersion language.

But IAs are not funded by the school district. Parents must raise this money.

Make your donation here.

The Immersion Support Fund Drive

The Cost

The cost of a full-time language Immersion Assistant, who supports two language classrooms per day, is $50,000 per year.

If class sizes average 25 students, the cost of this instructional assistant is $1000 per student per year.

With the growth of our school, this year we need to raise $400,000, still $1000 per student. In order to hire for September, this money must be in the bank by the end of February 2014. Make your tax-deductible contribution to the Immersion Support Fund today.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 in order to bring back all of this year’s Immersion Assistants (IA's) PLUS add one more IA for next year’s Kindergarten classes and add one more Immersion Intern to the program.


Why not have all volunteers or interns instead of IAs?

We did not end up at this need haphazardly. We value our volunteers and we value our interns. However, feedback received from staff and administration highlights the huge benefit to hiring back the same Immersion Assistants each year. We learned that the IAs’ experience has great value to the teacher and students; when they know routines, methods, procedures, etc., the classroom teacher is not burdened with retraining each year, and the IA can build on that experience and increase their contributions each year. This allows the teacher AND the assistant to focus on our kids all 180 days of the year with the knowledge and practice to maximize each day.  

What value is my child getting for the $1000?

  • A 15:1 ratio instead of a 30:1 ratio, which translates to more help for your child and more focused, personal attention for your child
  • Potential 9:1 ratios if parent volunteers or interns are also in the classroom
  • Higher rate of language acquisition - our children learn the language faster by having two native speakers in the classroom instead of just one
  • Greater understanding - having a second native speaker for the teacher to model interactions with makes it easier for your kids to understand the information being conveyed

McDonald International vs. Private School Options

We know that language immersion has proven to yield incredible long-term learning benefits and that these few years early in their education are incredibly important and fleeting.  The cost of investing in a quality, and hopefully ideal, learning environment versus an adequate learning environment is low compared to the alternatives.  

Private schooling is $600 to $3000 per month.  

Full-time preschool is $900 to $1600 per month.  

At McDonald, the cost of bringing a world-class learning environment to your student averages about $100 per month, or $1000 per year.

We understand that not every family can afford to donate $1000 to support the Immersion Program. Please speak with your family, and figure out how to give as generously as you can to reach our $400,000 Immersion Support Fund goal. This is a great way for grandparents and other extended family members to support their student's education today.

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Why IAs?

• IAs are an integral part of the language immersion model.

• They add a second native speaker, so kids can hear and have conversations.

• They reduce the student-teacher ratio by one-half.

• They add to classroom cultural enrichment.

• They help kids who are falling behind and offer opportunities for advanced kids as well.

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