Donate to the Student Support & Outreach (SSO) Fund

Thank you for your support of McDonald International's SSO Fund. 100% of the donations received will benefit all McDonald International students and are tax deductible. 

SSOF dollars are spent in the current school year and pays for everything funded by the PTA (except for Immersion Support which funds our IAs and IIs) - from supplemental materials for curriculum and programs, special projects, teacher mini-grants, technology in the classrooms, support for our McDonald Int'l library, field trip scholarships so all students can participate, and so much more:

  • Literacy tutors and math programs in the classroom
  • Reading library leveled books in English, Japanese and Spanish
  • Teacher mini-grants for supplemental teaching aids and classroom materials
  • Special enrichment projects inside and outside the classroom
  • Field trip and After School Activities scholarships so every student can participate
  • Supplemental arts and music program at McDonald
  • Technology in the classroom, like iPads
  • Our school directory to keep us all connected
  • Supplemental safety equipment like walkie talkies and emergency tools
  • Community events
  • and more

Visit the Move-A-Thon page to get the full event details.

Payment by Check (Preferred)

Checks are preferred because 100% of your funds will go directly to McDonald Int'l. Make your check out to “McDonald Elementary PTA" with "Move-a-Thon" in the memo line.

If you didn't bring your check to the Move-a-Thon event, you can also mail it to McDonald International School, Attn: PTA Treasurer, at 144 NE 54th Street, Seattle, WA  98105. Or if you're at school, you can drop it in the PTA Treasurer's mailbox in the main office.

Payment by Credit Card (3% fee taken out)

Be sure to specify the student's name when you check out.


Share this link with family and friends! It's a great way for family far away to support your student, their education, and school.

Gift Matching

If any of your child's sponsors work at Microsoft, Boeing, or Starbucks - be sure to include this on your child's form - their employer will match your gift.

Will your employer do the same? Let us know! Contact our Fundraising Chair, Maija Brissey​.

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