Donate to the General Fund

If you've pledged a student for the 2013 Move-A-Thon or just want to donate to the General Fund, this is the place.

We're Still Accepting Donations!


Thanks for your support of our 2013-14 General Fund, which pays for everything the PTA finances for McDonald, outside of the Immersion Assistants and Interns. Our General Fund provides for:

  • Literacy tutors and math programs in the classroom
  • Reading library leveled books in English, Japanese and Spanish
  • Teacher mini-grants for supplemental teaching aids and classroom materials
  • Special enrichment projects inside and outside the classroom
  • Field trip and After School Activities scholarships so every student can participate
  • The arts program and music at McDonald
  • Our school directory to keep us all connected
  • Community events
  • and more

Our fundraising goal of $84,000 averages to $225 per student, but please feel comfortable giving what you can. Every donation makes a difference.

100% of the donations received will benefit McDonald International students and are tax deductible!

Payment by Check (Preferred)

Checks are preferred because 100% of your funds will go directly to McDonald. Make your check out to “McDonald Elementary PTA" with "Move-a-Thon" in the memo line.

Checks can be mailed to McDonald International School, Attn: PTA Treasurer, at 144 NE 54th Street, Seattle, WA  98105. Or if you're at school, you can drop it in the specially designated "Move-a-Thon Box" in the main office.

On Thurs and Fri, Nov 21 and 22, there will be a General Fund Donation Table at drop off and pick up - please bring your checkbooks and drop off your donations with one of our parent volunteers.

Payment by Credit Card (3% fee taken out)

Be sure to specify the student's name when you check out!

Gift Matching

If any of your child's sponsors work at Microsoft, Boeing, or Starbucks - be sure to include this on your child's form - their employer will match your gift.

Will your employer do the same? Let us know! Contact Elsa Nunes-Ueno.


Visit the Move-A-Thon 2013 page to get the full event details.

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