Thanks to all International Night Volunteers!

The International Night Core Planning Committee who took the lead in making this event happen included:

Annie Nelson, Ashley Chen, Chris Amemiya, Cris Ramsdale, Dorothee Graham, Esperanza Deulkar, Gina Craig, Jade Greene, Jamie Cheney, Jamila Reid, Jennifer DeMella, Julie Isaacson, Katie Dodsley, Pam Brady, and Tom Crane.
You are all rock stars - thanks for leading the charge.
But it took many more volunteers to make it all happen. Thank you to all our Event & Planning Volunteers, who took on tasks large and small, who followed through on ideas of their own, and provided vital support where needed:
Abel Balzamo, Adriana  AlfaroZierten, Alexander Hollmann, Andrew Lam, Anne Marie Jehle, Annie Tegen, B. Sue Johnson, Brian  McManus, Britt Fletcher, Carol LaMotte, Carolyn Cunningham, Cassandra  Garcia, Chantelle Dykstra, Charlotte Spang, Cheri Peele, Chris Panks, Christina Nelson, Christina Blue, Courtney Wallace, Dan Brady, David Weeks, Debra Nicholson, Eileen Landay, Emily Compton, Emily Kane, Erica Lerer, Erika Kinno, Erin Taylor, Gwenn Fer, Happie Ari, Helena DeGrazia, Jackie Olson, James Wehmeyer, Janet Buttenwieser, Janet Alviar, Janine Joly, Jason Greene, Jennifer Shernoff, Jenny Stone, Jill Malat, Johnnie Orozco, Jolene Hall, Karen Obegi, Keith Ward, Keturah Bouchard, Kristi Brumbaugh, Linda Nash, Linnea Mahoney, Luna (Runa) Matsuo, Mahmud Jeneby, Maija, Marc Bissell, Marina Gordon, Maris Sovold, Matt Daniels, Matt Draper, Maya Sparks, Mayra Castanos, Missy Koll, Molly Capron, Naomi Lee, Phil Diggs, Sandhya Subramanian, Sarah Shannon, Shana Kelly, Siripunt Vimolchalao, Sue Lee, Tammy Eckart, Tarasin Kongkatong, Teresa Cueto, Tito Rodriguez, Tomoko, Uto, Vanessa Yi, and Veronica Garcia.
Thank you to the teachers who organized and hosted the classroom Open House, the Student Art Walk, and helped support the event in many other ways inside and outside of the classroom. We were blown away by the involvement of our teachers this year.
Thanks to Jane for her patience with our many questions and the increased traffic through the main office, and to Principal Golosman for his unfaltering support and his dulcet tones emceeing the overall event. Thanks to Joanne in the cafeteria for her help with recycling and trash receptacles and Michael, our custodian, for his support from setup through cleanup.
Amazingly, the vast majority of our performers at Intl Night donated their time at no charge, and the few who did take a token fee were truly generous with their time. Credit goes to our resourceful volunteers for getting these amazing performers - and a special thank you goes to the performers themselves, amateur and professionals alike, for their generous support of our kids and our school.
Akio Ueno, playing Shakuhatchi (Japanese bamboo flute) 
Angela Fleagle & Diana Einmo, dancing the Sevillanas (traditional Spanish Flamenco dance)
Bethann Shannon, our professional face painter (who stayed all night)
Enedina McGough, dancing and leading our 1st grade girls (traditional Mexican Danza Folclórica)
Japan-American Society of (Japan in a suitcase presentation)
The Latin Band in Carnaval featuring McDonald parents Ben ShapiroMark Taylor and Chris Amemiya,
    and guest musicians Steve Tanimoto and Matt Jorgensen
Kathleen Wong, teaching the Chinese brush painting class
Our Kindergarteners dancing the Japanese Coal Miner's Dance, led by B. Sue Johnson & Ashley Chen
NW Kung Fu & Fitness (Chinese New Year lion dance & demonstration)
OmCulture (W African drumming circle)
Planet Afua (W African dance workshop & performance)
The School of Taiko (taiko drummers)
Silk Strings (string musicians)
Also thanks to Diane Quinn and the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture for their contributions to the Carnaval celebration.
If you'd like to see pictures and video from the event - or have some you'd like to share! - please email For privacy reasons we're not allowed to post most pictures on our school's public website.
Thank you all again for an AMAZING event! We're looking forward to a new international theme and even more fun next spring. If you'd like to help lead or support next year's International Night, email (Jade will pass your information along to next year's new PTA chair).

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