Hot Topic: Updates on Long-Term Subs at McDonald Int'l

Our PTA Presidents speak to Superintendent Nyland!

Based on our current situation at McDonald and our immediate need for permanent Spanish and Japanese teachers, a group of parents attended the SPS sponsored ‘Meet and Greet’ with Superintendent Larry Nyland this Tuesday evening.  Also in attendance were Pegi McEvoy, Assistant Superintendent, Operations; Bernardo Ruiz, School Family Partnerships Manager and Mohamed Roble, School Family Partnerships Liaison.

To our benefit, the meeting was attended by approximately 25 parents from across the district, which gave us not only the opportunity to have a detailed conversation with the SPS leaders and the larger group regarding our needs and concerns, but we also got some one-on-one time with Dr. Nyland and Bernardo Ruiz after the meeting to discuss possible hiring solutions.

While there were other pressing issues raised that night, SPS leaders validated the concern at McDonald and our students’ rights under the district’s philosophy of ‘Every student. Every classroom. Every Day’ to have permanent, certified teachers in the classroom. They welcomed us to continue coming to meetings and express our concerns to the larger board because in their words, this is what will make change happen.

Through all the requests made by different parent groups (mostly regarding transportation, equality of discipline and the lack of district translators) there was a common thread that a culture shift needs to happen within the district to place a priority on supporting our multi-lingual community and strengthen our international programs to grow globally conscious citizens. Also in attendance were the PTA co-presidents from Concord International. While they face different challenges, the long term effects and concerns for the future of their Immersion program are similar to ours. 

Dr. Nyland confirmed that Principal Golosman has done everything within his power to fill these teaching positions but now we need to look to the district for two areas:

  1. Make these current jobs more appealing and thereby cast our net to a wider pool of applicants and
  2. Create richer support systems for training future dual language teachers.

Suggestions made for us:

  • Go to these “Meet and Greet” sessions. Go to Board meetings and stress our needs and concerns. (See a list of future meetings below).

  • Email Brent Jones, Assistant Superintendant of Human Resources at Ask that Principal Golosman be allowed to hire for next year’s permanent positions early using contingent contracts. The district allowed 75 teachers last year to be hired early under special circumstances -  we just need to press this issue!

  • Urge SPS Board Members to create a pipeline to assist viable candidates to receive certification and make it easier for IAs and other dual language speakers to attain elementary certification.

If you have further questions about our Long-Term Substitutes, please download the Updated FAQ page (see above).

Click the following link for a list of upcoming District Board meetings and Meet and Greets with Superintendant Nyland.

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