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Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at McDonald International School! We're looking forward to a great year filled with high academic expectations and a warm, engaging, supportive learning environment for our students. However, we need your help!

Although our school budget does provide support for basic education supplies, students and teachers need more supplies than our basic education funding covers. These classroom supplies help our students learn. Across the district, most SPS elementary schools provide parents with a list of supplies to bring to school on the first day. In 2010, McDonald Elementary used this approach and got feedback from parents that this process “didn’t work very well”—that having to hunt down items in multiple stores at the same time as many other parents across the city felt frustrating and inefficient. 

Starting in 2011, we implemented something new. In an effort to save parents time and money—and enable our teachers to buy their preferred items at bulk rates—we implemented a bulk purchasing program for shared classroom supplies. This approach got rave reviews from parents and teachers so we've continued it in subsequent years.

In the Welcome Packet your student gets the first week or so of school, will be a request letter for school supplies, the school directory and more. The letter will include a classroom supplies fee of $50 per student, which will cover the entire year’s supplies for all student classes. This supply fee takes the place of the individual class lists—it is NOT an additional fee. Students are still expected to purchase their own full-size backpacks and re-usable water bottles. 

(Please note: field trips and other activities may cost extra. The school supply fee is for student classroom supplies only.)

If you haven't yet paid your $50 per student supply fee, email to find out how.

If all parents/guardians help as much as they can, this will be the ONLY classroom supply fee request this year! Thank you so much for your help.


Sincerely, The McDonald Int'l PTA & Principal Michelle Goldberg

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