Int'l School/Immersion Advocacy Meeting - Oct 20

The District-wide International School/Immersion Advocacy group will meet on Oct 20th. Please consider joining the group to add your voice.  

When: Tuesday, Oct 20, 6pm
Where: Dearborn Park International Elementary School

The items to discuss are as follows:

  • Support the District in developing  an International School track from elementary through High School - work with Dr. Aoki, Executive Directors and principals to ensure a common continuity of the program.
  • Support the International School Task Force  - JSIS Principal introduced last year a task force to discuss the issues that are faced by the individual schools, their teachers, students and families.
  • Community Outreach - Continue building support through google groups and bi-monthly meetings at variously locations/schools throughout the city. 
  • Legislative Liaison - Show a visible presence by attending SPS board meeting, monthly community meetings of SPS Board members, and meeting with Seattle Council to continue the discussion about funding the International School model, start a dialog with State Representatives about funding education to lessen the burden of funding programs at the district level.  
  • Advocate for teacher pipeline - Continue to work with Dr. Aoki, area universities and colleges to improve pipeline for dual language teachers.  Outreach to area organizations to improve hiring of overseas teachers and application process for visas.  
  • Business Support of International Schools - Work with businesses for grants and financial support for the International School programs. 
  • Student Immersion Advocacy: Create authentic opinion or persuasive essay, video, etc. to show the impact of learning content, language, and culture in a immersion program from the students point of view.

The McDonald International School/Immersion Advocacy group met Oct 5th with a lot of great discussion covering many of the same topics. The next McDonald Advocacy meeting is Monday, November 9th. Please contact Jennifer deMella with any questions or if you'd like to join in. 

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