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Dear McDonald Parents and Guardians,

As you have heard by now, Principal Golosman is moving on to a new position after the end of this school year. This week, Jon Halfaker, SPS Executive Director of Schools in the Northeast Region and Dan Golosman’s boss, came and talked with the teachers, staff, and the PTA to outline the process for the upcoming McDonald Principal search.  This letter will describe the process and provide an opportunity to be involved in the upcoming interviewing process with the principal candidates.

The position of McDonald Principal is an open position, which means that any qualified principal from in or out of district can apply.  In-district principals are not guaranteed an interview – they will be placed in the pool of candidates and will have to be selected by the Principal Search Committee to be interviewed.  Out-of-district applicants apply to the district candidate pool and once approved can apply for a school position.  Our principal search is taking place during the first round of hiring for the district, which means that available candidates have not yet been hired by other schools.  We feel very confident that because of our early timing for this open position, we will have a lot of great applicant choices available to us.

Applicants will be screened by the Principal Search Committee (PSC) and then some will be invited to interview.  At the end of the interviews, the PSC will select their top two candidates and will forward these names to Seattle Schools Superintendent, Dr. Nyland.  Dr. Nyland will then interview these two candidates and based on the PSC’s recommendations and his interview, Dr Nyland will make the final principal selection for McDonald International.  Providing that an appropriate candidate is found in the first round of hiring, we expect Dr. Nyland to announce our new principal by the first part of April.

The McDonald Principal Search Committee consists of the following individuals:

  • Jon Halfaker, SPS Executive Director of Schools in the Northeast Region
  • Dedy Fauntleroy, Principal of John Stanford International School
  • Michelle Aoki, SPS International Education Administrator
  • Another SPS Central Office Administrator
  • Jane Petrich, McDonald Administrative Secretary
  • McDonald Staff/Teachers
  • McDonald Parents

We, the PTA, need to provide 6 members for the Principal Search Committee.  Being selected as a member of this committee does not guarantee that you will be a part of the interview process.  Of these 6 people, some will become alternates (much like on a jury).  To become a member of this committee you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are able to attend the Screening of Applicants meeting on Wednesday March 2nd OR Thursday March 3rd from approximately 4pm – 10pm.
  2. You are able to attend the Candidate Interviews on SATURDAY March 12th from 2:30 – 10pm.
  3. You are the parent/guardian of a current Kindergarten through 4th grade student.
  4. You are willing to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with the Seattle Public Schools.
  5. You are willing to be a full participant.  This means that you agree to share your thoughts and ideas in order to find the right candidate.

Note: To participate in this Principal Search Committee, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRE-TRAINED.  All training will take place at the screening and candidate interviews.

To apply to the Principal Search Committee, please email PTA President, Shelley HerzogBY FRIDAY, FEB 26, with the following information:

1.       Name
2.       Contact info (email and phone number)
3.       Grade(s) of your Child/Children
4.       Language(s) for Child/Children (Japanese/Spanish)
5.       Why do you want to be a part of the Principal Search Committee?
6.       What is your vision for McDonald?

On Friday Feb 26, the PTA board will select 6 parents to participate on this committee and will inform those applying at that time.  Thank you in advance for your application.

Prior to the Candidate Interviews, all members of the McDonald Community will be invited to provide feedback for the Principal Search Committee.  Please watch your email and the Scottie’s News for this Survey (coming soon).

If you have any other questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Have a fantastic day!

Shelley Herzog
McDonald PTA President

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