Write a Letter to Strengthen the Dual Language Program at Hamilton

Did you know that Hamilton Middle School previously offered three subject areas in a foreign language, but currently only offers one period a day? Students in Middle School say that because of this, their language skills start to go away.

There has been a lot of talk about the need to strengthen the current Dual Language offerings at Hamilton. Starting this Fall, both McDonald and JSIS immersion students will enter Hamilton and the cohorts will be larger. This is the time to advocate for change!

We are starting a letter-writing campaign. Please share your thoughts with SPS!

Send your letters to:
Principal Of Hamilton
ED of NW (Principle Tipton Blish's boss)
School Board Director for District Two (The District for McDonald, JSIS, Hamilton)
SPS International Education Administrator

Please feel free to share your letters, and any responses you may receive, on the Dual Language Immersion/International Schools Facebook Page.

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