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May 30

Japanese-Spanish Community Spotlight

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This is the third installment of a spotlight series featuring members of our community with connections to both Spanish and Japanese.

For this spotlight we have a Spanish intern who has studied Japanese, and a Japanese intern who has studied Spanish!
Please Meet Nelson and Reira!

Nelson Isaac Vasquez Morales
3rd grade Spanish Intern From El Salvador

How are you connected to both Spanish and Japanese?
Well, I really like Japanese culture and since the language's phonology is pretty close to the Spanish one, I took some Japanese classes when I was an exchange student at East Tennessee State University. Additionally, I also study some Japanese on my own through the use of the "Genki" book series, videos, apps and others. Furthermore, I also have some Japanese friends with whom I keep in touch since 2014.

Reira Haraguchi
2nd and 3rd grade Japanese Intern From Fukuoka, Japan

How are you connected to both Spanish and Japanese?
When I entered university we have to take a language class and I didn’t know anything about Spanish but thought it was cool because it is spoken in so many countries. I was also a member of the support team for International students and there are many students from Latin America so I thought I could help them better if I knew some Spanish. At the time I didn’t know I would be coming to McDonald Int’l where there is both Spanish and Japanese!
I am now taking a Spanish class at North Seattle Community College and my teacher is from Peru. I am talking with him about the Japanese community there and that their past president was Japanese and am learning more about the connection between Latin America and Japan.

You can strengthen your Spanish and Japanese cultural learning at home by hosting an intern in the Fall! Please email us if you are interested in learning more about hosting!

May 30

Note from Ms. Nancy

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Dear Wonderful McDonald Families,
Thank you so very much for the extremely generous gift card to Swanson’s.  I am so excited about having free reign at my favorite nursery!  It is an absolutely perfect gift for a plantaholic like me.

Please know that I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to, in some small way, serve this wonderful community of parents/guardians and students.  What a pleasure it has been getting to know you and your children! You are such a warm, kind and interesting group of people. I will miss you and hope to see you when I volunteer or sub or just while walking in the neighborhood!

I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life but am truly grateful that the last chapter in my work life was so enjoyable, thanks to all of you!

Warm wishes,
Nancy Rosen Angus

May 30

5th Grade Promotion Ceremony on June 20

May 30

Note from Ms. Pat on End-of-Year Library Returns

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All library books are due as a requisite to participating in Field Day. 

  • 2nd through 5th grade students will be held accountable for missing books. Developmentally, they are ready for this responsibility. Hardback books must be paid for. (Checks should be made out to McDonald International School.) If the book a student is missing is a paperback book, students can either pay for the book or substitute for it a paperback book in excellent condition (and one students would like to read.)
  • K and 1st students: While we definitely want books back, the students will not be held accountable for missing books. They will be able to participate in field day whether or not they have returned their books.

Before you pay for a book, make sure that your child has actually looked for it at home, in their classroom or on the shelves in the library.  It is entirely possible that whoever was doing check in thought they were scanning a book barcode when they were not.  Paying for a book should be a last resort since issuing a refund is a very complex process and our secretaries have so many other things to do at the end of the school year.

McDonald International parents often return our books to the Seattle Public Library.  SPL always returns these books but sometimes it takes a while.  If you think this has happened, please let me know so I can make a note of it.

Please email me with any concerns.

Thank you! Arrigato! Muchase Gracias!

May 30

Street Closure

May 23

Japanese-Spanish Parent Spotlight

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At McDonald International our children have the opportunity to study for the half the day in Spanish or Japanese. For some families having exposure to both languages makes perfect sense. This is the second installment of a parent spotlight series featuring members of our community with connections to both Spanish and Japanese.

This week's spotlight: Lulú Roque Weda

Children at McDonald International: Emiliano (1st grade Spanish)

How is your family connected to both Spanish and Japanese?
I was born and raised in Chiapas, Mexico. I grew up only speaking Spanish, but also hearing about my great grandfather (on my mother's side), who was Japanese.

We don't know tons of details, but we do know he was from Fukuoka, in the southern part of Japan. He and some of his friends emigrated to the US and tried to settle in California, but they weren't able to stay because of the Immigration act of 1924. So he continued on and eventually settled in Mexico City. He married my great grandma and they had four kids. My mom remembers going to the Japanese community center every now and then when she was a child, so she was able to celebrate that part of her a bit, but sadly, it wasn't often enough. Neither she nor her siblings learned to speak Japanese.

In Mexico, we have two last names, so in my full name, I still have my Japanese last name (my name is Lourdes Roque Weda). However, 'Weda' is misspelled, as it is the case with a lot of last names of foreign origin in Mexico, and other countries. From what I've been told, it should be 'Ueda'.

My son Emiliano, who is in 1st Grade Spanish, has been taking Japanese after school at McDonald since last year, and it makes us so happy he is somehow reconnecting with that part of our history.

Remember you can strengthen your Spanish and Japanese cultural learning at home by hosting an intern in the Fall! Please email if you are interested in learning more about hosting!

May 23

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch on June 1

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Dear Wonderful McDonald Volunteers,
Please join us for the McDonald International School Volunteer Appreciation Brunch.

When: Friday, June 1st, 10:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
Where: McDonald Library on the 3rd Floor

If you have helped in any way this year, we have noticed, it was appreciated, and we would like to thank you!  While many volunteer jobs are enormous and hugely time consuming, there is no such thing as a “small” job, helping “a little” or helping out with a “small project.”

We could not possibly do the work we do without YOU!  We are looking forward to the opportunity to thank you in person!

With great appreciation,
The McDonald International School Staff and Students

May 23

Summer Reading Suggestions from Young Readers Choice Awards

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From Ms. Pat:
For those of you who are already looking for "Summer Reading" lists, here are the nominees from Young Reader's Choice for intermediate readers:

Official 2019 YRCA Nominees, Junior Division (Grades 4-6)
Dog Man by Dav Pilkey
Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill
It Ain’t so Awful Falafel by Firoozeh Dumas
The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd
Ms. Bixby’s Last Day by John David Anderson
Pax by Sara Pennypacker
The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
The Inn Between by Marina Cohen

May 23

Ice Cream Social on June 5th for New Students

May 17

Free Support Group: Parenting Chronic Illness


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