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Mar 07

Student Talent Show This Friday, March 9th

Mar 07

After-School Enrichment Registration Starts March 18

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After-School Enrichment registration for spring starts March 18th at 7 p.m. The spring session will run from April 16th to June 21st. We are currently updating the schedule, but it will remain very similar to the winter session.

IMPORTANT: New this year, we are using an online registration system called 6Crickets.  If you haven't already done so, it is highly recommended that you set up an account BEFORE registration opens at 7 p.m. Go to McDonald PTA to learn more.

Scholarships are available for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch, subject to availability. Email Nicole Pettibonfor details.

Mar 07

Garden Work Party - Sunday, March 11th

Mar 07

Community Meeting: The Future of Seattle's International Schools - March 12th

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Parents and Community Members:
We invite you to a Community Meeting to talk about the Future of Seattle’s International Schools and Dual Language Immersion Programs.

When: Monday, March 12, 2018 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Where: Hamilton International Middle School (610 N 41st St)

Japanese and Spanish interpretation provided. Children welcome.
We will have childcare at the school and refreshments will be served.

In 2016, Seattle Public Schools initiated a process for studying the impacts, risks, and benefits of sustaining and expanding Seattle’s International Schools and Dual Language Immersion programs through the establishment of an International Schools / Dual Language Immersion Task Force. The district would now like to share the results of the Task Force Recommendations from 2016-2018 and updates from the Program Review submitted to the School Board in October 2017. Please join us!

To learn more about the International Schools / Dual Language Immersion Task Force, visit here.

Questions? Contact Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki, International Education Administrator by email or 206 252-0191

Mar 07

From Librarian Ms. Pat: Islam and Refugees

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“Come explore Islam in the World and in Your Classroom” was the theme of the K-8 social studies conference  which was held on February 3rd at the Muslims of Puget Sound offices in Redmond. Amber Vandemeulen and I attended, representing McDonald International. Nancy Fisher-Allison,  librarian from John Rogers and Renee Huizenga from the Northshore School District, and I presented a session on  “Islam and Refugees:  resources for your K-6 classroom.” 

If you would like more information about the conference or the resources we discussed, feel free to email me. Here is a link to the Google drive with our materials.

Mar 07

Join the 2018-19 PTA Board: Nominations

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From Veronica Garcia, PTA Vice President:

Let me start by thanking all of you for investing in our children's educational experience – this all works because of the wonderful community that each of us builds together. There are a lot of moving parts in making each year successful and each one of us plays an important role in that success.

I am part of the PTA's Nominating Committee along with Jennifer DeMella, Jane Yeh, and Lisa Barker. We are asking for nominations of parents that would like to be part of our fun and energetic PTA Board for next school year. You can also nominate yourself!!

It takes every variation of personality to make the PTA work – from showing up to every event and being the face of the PTA to pajama participation where everything you do can be done from your couch – and everything in between. This is a great way to directly impact your student's experience and get to know how the PTA works and what we are all about.

All positions for the executive board positions are currently open:

  • President - Are you motivated, excited about education, have good follow through and can work well with others? This is for you!
  • Vice President - Do you like to help make important decisions, have ideas on how to enhance our McDonald experience and are organized and can help lead and support parents, students and teachers? This role is for you.
  • Treasurer - Are you good with numbers, have experience with accounting or dream of becoming treasurer? This is for you!
  • Secretary - Are you curious about the ins and out of the PTA? This is a fantastic way to dip your feet in!

We are looking for members that represent the diversity of our community from different walks of life because we believe this is how we grow into a better understanding of each other, become more tolerant of each other's differences', and model that for our children.

If the above positions seem like too big a leap for you we have more-

  • Fund-raising co-chairs
  • Events coordinators co-chairs
  • BLT- Building Leadership Team (works with school staff)
  • Advocacy- helps advocate for student's needs in our school
  • After School Enrichment- be part of an established team in coordinating our very popular after classes
  • and many more......

Nominating forms and the job descriptions for each position are in the office on top of the PTA shelf. Here is the link if you'd like to do it online.

For questions and nominations please email, text me, or talk to me on the playground at pick up. Also, please feel free to talk to any of the other committee members: Jennifer served as VP and Pres., Jane served as VP for 2 years, Lisa was the After-School Enrichment Chair for more years than we can remember, and I am current VP. Also, my daughter is Malena G. who is in 3rd grade in the Spanish program. I would be so happy to answer any questions.

-Veronica Garcia

Feb 28

Freeman Book Award Winners at McDonald Library

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From Ms. Pat, the McDonald Librarian:

There is a new book award in town, the Freeman Book Award. From their web site: “The awards recognize quality books for children and young adults that contribute meaningfully to an understanding of East and Southeast Asia.”

I have had the pleasure of serving on this award committee this year (and also in its first year, last year) “judging” books that have been submitted in the Children’s Category. It has been an interesting personal and professional experience. It has helped me become acquainted with some wonderful books and a few not so wonderful books. One of the benefits to the McDonald Library is that the 20 or so reviewed books will become part of our library collection. Take a few minutes to click on the link above for a full list of the award books for 2016 and 2017. If you want to check any of these books out, please let me know.  “The Crane Girl” is the Gold Medal winner in the children’s category.

Feb 26

Greetings from Studio 205!  

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A lot has happened in art class since we finished our Yayoi Kusama unit back in October. In this issue, you can see some of the projects students completed last trimester. You will also find updates on the new units we started in January.

To get more frequent updates about art class, follow @mcd_intl_art on Insta-gram, and of course, make sure to check out Artsonia. If you ever have questions about what’s happening in the art studio, please feel free to email Amanda

If you would like to volunteer to help out in Studio 205, you are welcome to sign up here.

Feb 14

SPS Posting Dual Language Immersion Openings for 2018-19

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Please Spread the Word! Elementary Dual Language Immersion Teacher Pool
Seattle is eager to hire teachers qualified to teach in our K-5 Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin. We currently teach Spanish DLI (including two two-way programs with at least half Spanish home language speakers) in five elementary schools, Japanese DLI in two, and Mandarin in two. Our DLI programs are part of Seattle’s International Schools and are located in the NW, SE, and SW regions of the district.

Elementary Ed Endorsement
Native or near native fluency and literacy skills in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin

Highly desired:
Bilingual Ed Endorsement or World Languages Endorsement
ELL Endorsement or experience working with English Language Learners
Experience living and working in the culture of the language (including communities where the language is spoken in the US)

Feb 14

Japanese Book Review #5: Asagohan wa Genki no Moto

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We will post monthly reviews of suggested Japanese reading for your bookworm(s)!

Title: Asagohan wa Genki no Moto / Breakfast is the Source of Health

Author: Shigeru Yamamoto

Story: A food education comic book that teaches children the importance of breakfast and includes fun games for readers to reflect on their own breakfast habits and encourage them to start the day with a well-balanced meal.

Review: Though the vocabulary and reading level of the book is more appropriate for advanced readers, the comic book format makes it fun and accessible for any reader!

Book Review by Nami Kawahisa

For parents curious about borrowing Japanese books at the school library, you can borrow books for your children (of course also great for yourself!) once you get your account! Please ask Ms. Pat, our wonderful school librarian!


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