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Dec 03

McDonald Int'l Library Updates 

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Dear Parents,

For a long time, I have struggled with the best way to communicate with you, knowing that would most likely prefer a one-stop place for information. I hope this will become the first of monthly updates on goings on in the McDonald International School Library.

Here is an extremely bare bones summary of November lessons.  Please feel free to email me for more details!

K: The Turnip, a Russian folktale, (different versions of same story, sequencing, acting our story, tasting turnips); Mia’s Story, a story from Chile, (setting of the story, compare and contrasting cultures); How a Shirt grew in a Field, a story from Russia, (connection with classroom fabric unit, how linen is made, sequencing)

1: Stories supporting science fabric unit: How a Shirt grew in a Field, a story from Russia, Charlie needs a Cloak by Tomie De Paola, Woolbur by Helakoski, Leslie. (sequencing, fiction vs. non-fiction, types of natural fabric—linen and wool)

2: Election related lessons—learning about electoral college and voting with a state’s electoral votes for Lilly (Lilly’s Plastic Purple Purse or Sam (Library Mouse.)  Sam was the winner! Learning about how architects and engineers play a role in our community through Iggy Peck Architect and Rosie Revere Engineer.  Primary source: a 40 year old map of Meridian Playfield.

3: Presidential elections—using online resource and Culturegrams to determine how each state’s electoral votes are calculated.  Thanksgiving—how a poem, picturebook, and cartoon all comment on immigration and thanksgiving.

4: All 4th grade classes—making a connection between George Caleb Bingham’s The County Election 1852 and present day election practices.  Ms. Kathleen’s class—learning about sustainable tourism from web sources; Ms B’s class—Miser on the Mountain, a Nisqually legend of Mt. Rainier.

5: Two lessons derived from The County Election 1852, one using the Library of Congress template for examining primary sources; the other comparing election practices in 1852 with present day practices.

Here are a couple of local and statewide book “competitions” that our library takes part in:

Washington Children’s Choice Book Award  (WCCPBA) Nominees 2017
Each year the Washington Library Media Association nominates 20 picture books for this award. These books are nominated because they have proven to be “children favorites” Students in grades K-3 vote on their favorite during library class by April 1 of each year. At McDonald International, K-3 teachers take on the major responsibility of reading the books, and often leave them for substitutes to share with their class. Some of the upper grade teachers use them for their “book buddies” to read with the younger children. Take this list with you to the public library this Winter break to be sure of finding a book to delight your young reader.

The other “competition” our school engages in is the Global Reading Challenge, sponsored by the Seattle Public Library.  I can’t say enough positive things about this program.  The books (which are provided to our schools free of charge by the Seattle Public Library) are carefully selected to reflect a variety of reading levels for grades 4 and 5 as well as reflecting the multicultural nature of our society.  Their lists are such a good fit for Seattle Schools and particularly International Schools.  At McDonald, the 4/5 teachers and I have agreed to de-emphasize the competitive part of this challenge and emphasize the “reading great books.”  To this end, our literacy teachers are using the books in their book groups in December.  Please encourage your child to read one or more of these books over the break and better still, make it a family read!

Thanks for your support and a big thank you to my hardworking volunteers.  Please email me if you’d also like to help out in our library. I hope you have a great reading holiday (hopefully curling up with a book while it is snowing outdoors!)

Ms. Pat

Nov 30

Thank You for Your Standing Rock Camp Donations

Nov 30

Green Team Welcomes New, Returning Volunteers

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Now that you've been approved to volunteer at school, please stop by any day of the week for lunch with your student and stay for just 10-15 extra minutes to help kids sort waste into the proper bins. Our repeat volunteers have most days covered, but help would be especially useful at K-1 lunch on Tuesdays from 11:15-11:30 am and at the end of 4th lunch 12:15-12:30 pm.

Your kids and their friends will be excited to share stories with you, you can see what they're really eating, and show that you support them and maybe even learn from them in their efforts to help the environment. Sign-up today or contact Tarah with any questions.


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