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May 24

Advocacy Report: Next Year's Start Times

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Superintendent Nyland's recent update addressed the pending decision between the two-tiered (8 a.m. for elementary) vs. three-tiered (7:40 a.m. for elementary) start times for next year.  Packed into this decision includes the extended 20-minute school day, early release schedule, and the additional funding needed for busing to support a two-tiered bus system.  Mayor Murray's generous offer of closing the funding gap still has to be voted on in order for the times to change, and there is resistance to using the levy for this purpose, most notably from the recommendation of the Levy Oversight Committee.  Dr. Nyland committed to having decisions finalized on all of these topics by June 16th.

If you support the two-tier schedule, use the following contacts for your advocacy to push for support, quick decisions, and consideration of additional ideas:

  • Follow this link for a sample letter and email addresses of the people who need to hear your voice.
  • Contact the Mayor and ask him to quickly put forth legislation for funding support so SPS can move to a two-tiered bus schedule next year.
  • Contact the City Council to let them know you hope they approve funding for two tiers as soon as possible. Send your email to Bruce Harrell, Lisa Herbold, Rob Johnson, Debora Juarez, Mike O'Brien, Sally Bagshaw, Tim Burgess, and Lorena Gonzales.
  • Let our district and school board know your opinion on this topic since they will make the ultimate decision on start and end times should funding come through from the city: School Board, Superintendent Nyland, and district staff working on start times.
May 24

Advocacy Report: Ample and Equitable Education Funding, PLEASE!

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Washington lawmakers just wrapped up their special session and have not reached an agreement on how to address the McCleary ruling calling for court-mandated K-12 education funding.  Gov. Jay Inslee has called lawmakers back for a second, 30-day special session to continue work.  The Supreme Court has said that the state has until September 1st, 2018 to comply with the McCleary ruling, but the details including funding must be in place before the Legislature adjourns this year. A bipartisan group of lawmakers have been meeting and reports are that they have primarily focused on policy, not funding.

Please continue to contact your elected officials and let them know how you feel about the proposals put forth by the house and senate to fund education and ask them to please come to an agreement soon so our schools can plan for next year knowing they have adequate funding.

Helpful links:

May 24

Greetings from Japan: A Former Intern Reflects on Experience at McDonald

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Yuki sensei was an Immersion Intern (II) during the 2014-15 school year, and her experience at McDonald still impacts her daily.  She recently sent this update to share with our community:

I'm Tomoko Yuki and had worked at McDonald Elementary in 2014-2015.

I truly appreciate how you treated me in school and your family. During 10 months internship, I got many unforgettable memories and precious friendships that helped me moving forward in various situations. (Especially the picture with my all host family's encourage me whenever I feel down)

Now I'm teaching 3rd graders at public elementary school in Hiroshima and this school has ALT (assistant language teacher) from the US.  (For living this global century, Japanese Ministry of Education push English education harder than before, and every elementary school has English lessons by ALT now.)

I spend almost 12 hours at school every day;) (preparing materials for the class, grading students' homework, calling parents to explain about troubles that happened on that day and etc.)  Though that much of tasks, my co-workers are so nice like McDonald teachers, so by getting other teachers support, I'm surviving every day;)

McDonald family, your warm welcome to your community really inspired me that made me think about how to make a comfortable environment for foreigners.

I really want to come back to Seattle to see all of you, but my few days off in a year won't allow that. I miss you all :)

Love, Tomoko

Do you know someone in a Spanish-speaking country or Japan interested in applying to the program? They can apply through the Amity website and request to be placed at McDonald International. For several years the Amity Institute has provided our school with volunteer interns who serve as models of language and culture.  Learn more about our intern program here.


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