International Night 2016

International Night 2016 was a resounding success! We achieved our goal of hosting a festive, low-key, kid-focused event, welcoming all families.

Thank you to all the volunteers, students, teachers, parents, and community members who helped make this event possible!


May 25

Message from Ms. Fleck about Field Day

May 25

Buddy Families Wanted!

May 25

Why Host an Intern

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Have you considered hosting an intern? All you need is a comfortable private bedroom and an inviting home. There will be 6 interns next year at McDonald! So far there are 4 confirmed: Jorge and Natalia from Spain, Daijiro from Japan, and Diana from Colombia. If you are interested in hosting, email for more information.

Phil Duff, Karen Farley and their daughter, Abbie Duff (4th grade, Japanese) share their experience of hosting Lisa:

Lisa is the third intern we have hosted and we've enjoyed each of them immensely. Hosting an intern is a lovely way to learn about a new culture.

We hosted Lisa for her first 5-months in Seattle. We loved being able to introduce her to the Puget Sound area and show off some of our favorite places like Snoqualmie Falls, Pike Place Market, and the Olympic Peninsula. Even a trip to the grocery store became an adventure as we explained our food traditions (yes, we eat uncooked carrots!) and learned about her traditions (she loves shrimp roe!). One of our favorite experiences was going to Uwajimaya with Lisa so she could explain the food to us. We then came home and Lisa helped us cook some of the foods we had purchased.  The meal was delicious!

Early in the fall, we took Lisa camping and hiking with us. This was her first time camping. We introduced her to the joys of camping, like campfires and s'mores, and the not-so-joys like hiking in the rain and chilly evenings.

Sharing our home with an intern has been an invaluable experience.


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