Only 3 Weeks of School Left!

Don't miss any of the many events crammed into these last few days of school! There's the final Parent Education Session, Volunteer Appreciation Tea, 3rd Grade Game NightField Day (volunteers needed!) and more. Check out the Upcoming Events page for all the details.

Still looking for summer activities for your kiddos? Visit the Spanish Resources and Childcare & Camps pages for great suggestions from fellow McDonald Int'l families.

May 27

Final Parent Ed Session - May 28!

May 27

International Night Thank You!

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International Night is our biggest and most exciting annual event. This year, parents, staff, students and members of the community stepped forward to create a magical evening for family and friends.

What did you think? Click to complete the survey. Here's your chance to sing your praises and make suggestions for next year:Take the International Night Survey.

We'd like to send out a HUGE thank you to the International Night Committee Members:
Erica Lerer, Marla Aginian, Kate Koester, Mari Kosin, Sara Manning, Jennifer Monahan deMella, Sandhya Subramanian, and Kayo Whittecar.

To our 2015 International Night volunteers and donors.
Nidhi Agrawal, Carmen Albert, Janet Alviar, Anne Amemiya, Ligaya Andrews, Nathan Atkins, Gabriela Ausland, Brenda Babcock, Elizabeth Baldwin, Laura Ball, Val Barrett, Steven Bierer, Julie Bierer, Philip Bond, Keturah Bouchard, Maija Brissey, Janet Buttenwieser, Molly Capron, Mayra Castanos, Emily Compton, Cristian Marcelo Correa Berrio, Jennifer Coveny, Thomas Crane, Angela Culbert, Carolyn Cunningham, Sandy Daniels, Helena DeGrazia, Chris deMaagd, Esperanza Deulkar, Prapti Devi Kaur, Katie Dodsley, Ross Dorn, Shelley Faivre, Gwenn Fer, Lincoln Ferguson, Angela Fleagle, Liv Freeby, Randy Freeby, Amber French, Mike Garcia, Lorena Garzón, Kristi Gilbert, Marina Gordon, Dorothee Graham, Jim Graham, Jade Greene, Helena Haas, Jolene Hall, Amie Hanson, Misa Heater, Tarah Helliwell, Betsy Herring, Shelley Herzog, Nat Hillary, Michelle Hippe, Laura Hudgings, Julie Isaacson, Susy Jacobs, Cindy Jed, Emily Kane, James Keithly, Erika Kinno, Julie Ann Koehlinger, Rie Konishi, Rob Kosin, Lisa Lai, Carol LaMotte, Rita Latsinova, Joshua LeBlang, Erica Lerer, Olga Levaniouk, Heidi Leyton, Bill Little, Amy Little, Christine Loftus, Masako Long, Kathleen Love, Nicole Maclean, Jill Malat, Emily Malley, Greg Malley, Janet Maples, Luna Matsuo, Diana Matza, Suzanne McFadden, Caroline Mcgrath, Fabian Moya, Crystal Munson, Annie Nelson, Matty Noble, Katie Palliser, Chris Panks, Devin Parry, Ana Pineda, Amanda Rehr, Jamila Reid, Elana Roschy, Andrea Rose, Marla Russo, Steve Seitz, Erin Sekulich, Angira Shrestha, Brenda Smith, Meg Solley, Annika Sovold, Charlotte Spang, Amy Spinelli, Geoff Stanfield, Carolyn Stenbak, Binita Stocker, Sara Tamarin, Annie Tegen, D. Carolina Torres, Kris Tsujikawa, Amber Vandermeulen, Julia VanDyne, Vanessa Walsh, Wendy Werblin, Jason Whittecar, Clinton Wilson, Anna Yang, Jane Yang, Mark Yang, Jane Yeh, Leona Zamora, Allison Zazzi

To our 2015 International Night Community Groups who so generously donated their time and talents:
Mirta Wymerszberg and "Cuadro Azahares” with Sara Tamarin, Jorge Sanchez-Swenson, and Aaron Ausland; Mestre Pitta and "Capoeira Moringa de Barro"; Marissa Baratian and the World Dance class; Nicolet Arano and the Seattle Fandango Project; Seibu Ryu Japanese Sword Arts; Silk Strings; and Sound Singers.

To the Local Businesses who supported the event:
Mendoza's Mexican Mercado, Central Market Shoreline, Seattle Balloon Decorations, Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College, Bothell High School, Frank’s Franks, Curb Jumper, Yummy box, and Neema’s Comfort Food.

To all of our McDonald International teachers, staff members and students, and of course all the families who attended.

                                       Thank You!

May 22

Last Chance at Lost & Found


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