Move-a-Thon Thanks You!

Despite the wind and dark skies, we had a great turnout! Thank you to everyone who played and donated to our Student Support and Outreach fund. The SSO Fund provides funding for teachers classroom grants, student extras, leveled reading books in immersion languages, field trip scholarships, and so much more.

It's not too late to give--we currently have $35,000; if each student gives $150, that takes us to our goal of raising $68,550 by November 1. We'd like to have 100% participation, so please give what you can. 

There are several ways to donate (double or triple your donation if your company matches donations!):
1. Online at (ACH available)
2. Make checks payable to McDonald PTA & drop off or mail into the school office
3. At the Move-A-Thon turn in pledge forms and/or donate (cash, check or charge)

Not sure if you've given? Email and we'll let you know. 

Oct 23

Veterans Day at McDonald

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McDonald parents who are military veterans are invited to an All School Assembly on Thursday, November 10th, 7:55-8:10. Please meet us in the McDonald gym with your Visitors badge and your child(ren) will introduce you to the school community with the help of teachers.  Then, we will sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”.  After the assembly, veterans and their children are invited to a reception in Room #102.

The following are goals for the Veterans Day Assembly:
1)  Students will understand why they have a day out of school (i.e. what is this national holiday called Veterans Day?)
2)  Students will have an opportunity to make connections with their own lives and experiences (i.e. does this holiday have personal meaning for me?  Do I know any veterans?)
3)  Students will experience a community-building activity together.

If you are a veteran and can join us for our Veterans Day assembly, please email Mrs. Goldberg at

The McDonald International Assembly Committee

Oct 19

Lincoln High School Community Listening Meeting - Oct. 27th

Oct 19

Does It Matter When I Donate for the Move-a-Thon?

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Yes!  Some of you may be wondering if we do fundraising all year long.  Nope.  We fundraise twice a year for a limited number of weeks. We don't ask kids to go door to door selling things.  We simply ask families to donate the funds we need.

We're currently raising money for the Student Support and Outreach fund (SSO), which provides our kids with things that the district doesn't pay for.  These funds have a direct impact on this year's academic experience. 

What sort of things do we spend this money on?  Here are a few examples: a music teacher, Seattle Children's Theater drama workshops, performances of Alexandra and the Dragon by Taproot Theatre Road Company for K-5 (on topic of bullying), stand up desks, noise canceling head phones, books, workshops for teachers and kids, and so much more!

We have a budget of $68,550 for this school year. That breaks down to $150 per student, every dollar of which closes critical gaps between what the district provides and what McDonald needs to support a complete experience for our children.

Currently, we are only half way to the goal.  Please make your tax deductible donation by November 1st. Remember to see if your company will match your donation.


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