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It's that time of year! School tours are on Jan. 8 at 8:05 AM and 6:30 PM.

Please let your friends and neighbors know they can sign up for a school tour on January 8th. All details for 2018-2019 enrollment can be found here.

And we need you to help with school tours! We need 15 to 18 people for each slot, plus student volunteers. Sign up here.

Dec 13

Advocacy Update: Getting Language Immersion at Lincoln High School

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Although the current plan is to not include Dual Language Immersin at Lincoln High School when it reopens in 2019, Rick Burke of the Seattle School Board is reopening the discussion of DLI being placed at Lincoln. After his Saturday community meeting with parents, he sent staff a specific request to include DLI consideration in the current pathway scenarios. Scenarios include the DLI pathway going to both Lincoln and Ingraham, or just one of these. If you would like to send comments on this matter, email, Michele Aoki (International Education Administrator), and Ruth Medsker (Lincoln Principal).

The McD PTA Advocacy team recommends to:

  • Advocate to delay this year's high school enrollment for a couple months. This will give staff time to work out a better plan, and it still gives families enough time to plan, with assurance about their kids' pathways. The district delayed high school enrollment when they last rolled out the growth-boundaries plan to give time to tweak things, so there is a precedent for this.
  • Advocate to include program placement, including dual-language/immersion, at Lincoln, as part of boundaries work.  At the Jan 10th board meeting, the board wlll vote on options for high school boundaries.
  • Advocate for dual-language/advanced language pathway and instruction at Lincoln.
Dec 13

Reminders: Shop the Bue Button and Employer Matching

Dec 13

After-School Enrichment Registration Now Open, Parent Volunteers Needed

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After-School Enrichment registration for the winter session started December 10th.  The session will run from January 16th to April 6th.  We are currently updating the schedule, but it will remain very similar to the fall session.

IMPORTANT: New this year - we are using an online registration system called 6Crickets.  If you haven't already done so, it is highly recommended that you set up an account BEFORE registration opens at 7pm.  Go to the PTA web site to learn more.

Scholarships are available for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch, subject to availability. Email Nicole Pettibon for details.

Parent volunteers needed: The PTA needs parent volunteers to facilitate this essential program.  Volunteers sign up for an 80-minute shift at the same time each week and help direct traffic and assist providers and kids as needed.  As a bonus, each volunteer has an opportunity to sign their student up for one class for free (in order of volunteer sign up; based on availability).  Sign up here and contact Nicole Pettibon with questions and/or to request your child's free class.


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